Part-Time Operations Directors

Our part-time Operations Directors join your team to lead your operations strategy and deliver transformative leadership from day one.

What Does an Operations Director Do?

An Operations Director is an integral part of your leadership team with a hand in virtually all aspects of your business. They will:

  • Direct, control, and contribute to the business strategy in areas of production, purchase, distribution and supply chain.
  • Lead, manage and motivate operations staff to ensure they carry out their responsibilities, as well as oversee their development (if required).
  • Develop operational procedures and processes that reduce costs and ensure all functions meet their business objectives.
  • Develop an internal audit programme to ensure the company complies with financial procedures and regulations.
  • Develop and implement policies and procedures to ensure safe and healthy working environments.
  • Evaluate overall company performance by gathering, analysing and interpreting data and metrics.
  • Act as the company’s main adviser on all issues relating to operational functions.

How Can a Part-Time Operations Director Help My Business Grow?

  • Operations Directors are quickly becoming a must-have functional role infast-growing businesses, providing the operational foundation they need to continue moving in the right direction
  • Whether you’re undertaking a specific project – like developing internal teams or improving operational efficiencies – or whether you’d like a steady, ongoing hand to steer your company’s wider operations direction, The Leadership Group can help.
  • An Operations Director leads all operational aspects of a company strategy, sets strategic goals, and is responsible for the flow of operations information to the Chief Executive and the board.
  • We offer a flexible, part-time service that gives you access to highly experienced Operations Directors who deliver transformative leadership from within your business from day one – without any long-term commitments or hefty costs.
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Knowledge & Experience

Our Operations Directors have a minimum of ten years’ senior operations experience and a proven track record of success.

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No Tie-Ins

No recruitment fees. No long-term contracts. You can leave your arrangement without any fixed contract period.

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Affordable Model

Small-to-medium-sized businesses can access top-level operations expertise at a significantly lower cost than hiring
a full-timer.

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Complete Flexibility

Our part-time Directors can start as soon as you need them, and our flexible contracts mean you can increase or decrease commitments according to your needs.

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Full-Time Benefits

We are highly skilled in managing needs on a part-time basis, meaning we can deliver the same results as a full-time Director in significantly less time.

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We Join Your Team

Our Directors are team members, not just consultants – we join your team to deliver strategic vision and transformative leadership from within.

Meet The Operations Directors

Our team of experienced business leaders have the knowledge and expertise to deliver transformative leadership that supports your business vision.

Damien Dsouza

Damien D’souza

IT/Operations Director

Damien has 30+ years in senior CIO, COO and Commercial Director roles. His unique mix of senior management experience fo... Read More
Kevin Holian

Kevin Holian

IT/Operations Director

Kevin works with companies and organisations to assess their direction, objectives and strategies. Providing constructiv... Read More

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