Part-Time Finance Directors

Raise funding, scale faster, or prepare to sell – whatever your financial goals are, The Leadership Group gives you access to highly experienced part-time FDs at a significantly lower cost than hiring full-time.

Access part-time Finance Directors with a wealth of experience and a track record of success to lead your finance strategy

Our role is to bring transformative leadership and to be accountable for the key decisions that help your business grow. We do this on a completely flexible basis with no fixed-term contracts.


Transformative Leadership

Our Directors are leaders in their fields, with the knowledge, skillset and experience to empower your team while taking your business to the next level.


Immediate Impact

We demonstrate value from day one. We’ve got experience from previous projects and have nailed down efficient processes – we cut out the learning curve and will quickly identify what your business needs to grow.


No Risk To You

We don’t do long-term contracts or 3-6 month notice periods. If your needs change, we can quickly arrange a change of personnel.

What Does a Finance Director Do?

Our part-time FDs will help your company move beyond just keeping financials in order by helping plan and position your company for a strong future. They will:

  • Raise Funding – our FDs have an extensive network of partners and investors with access to all types of funding. We can guide you through the process.
  • Scale Faster – Do you want to scale but don’t have the right funding, processes, or technology in place? Our FDs can have guided many businesses through the process before.
  • Increase Valuation – What is your growth plan? What is your roadmap to increasing the value of your business? Our FDs can answer all these questions so your business gets the value it deserves.
  • Change/Restructuring – The goals of businesses change over time. Our FDs have the expertise and experience to make this challenging period a smooth, successful transition.
  • Prepare For Exit – Time to sell? Exits are a natural part of the lifecycle for entrepreneurs. Well-prepared businesses sell for more. Our FDs can help you realise the true value of your company that you’ve worked hard to create.

How Can a Part-Time Finance Director Help My Business Grow?

  • The role of the modern Finance Director has changed. They’re no longer expected to simply ‘count the beans’ and offer a strictly financial support function.
  • Finance Directors have evolved into commercial business leaders and strategic advisors to CEOs. They play an active role in leading team members, delivering financial advise and expertise, and helping to drive wider business strategies that support an organisation’s long-term goals.
  • When you’re a business looking to grow, you may not have someone on your team with this level of experience and expertise, and employing a full-time Finance Director can be risky and costly.
  • The Leadership Group offers a flexible, part-time finance service that gives you access to highly experienced Finance Directors who deliver transformative leadership from within your business from day one – without any long-term commitments or hefty costs.
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Knowledge & Experience

Our Finance Directors have a minimum of ten years’ senior finance experience and a proven track record of success.

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No Tie-Ins

No recruitment fees. No long-term contracts. You can leave your arrangement without any fixed contract period.

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Affordable Model

Small-to-medium-sized businesses can access top-level finance expertise at a significantly lower cost than hiring
a full-timer.

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Complete Flexibility

Our part-time Directors can start as soon as you need them, and our flexible contracts mean you can increase or decrease commitments according to your needs.

Full-Time Benefits

We are highly skilled in managing needs on a part-time basis, meaning we can deliver the same results as a full-time Director in significantly less time.

We Join Your Team

Our Directors are team members, not just consultants – we join your team to deliver strategic vision and transformative leadership from within.

Meet The Finance Directors

Our team of experienced business leaders have the knowledge and expertise to deliver transformative leadership that supports your business vision.

Karl Lloyd

Karl Lloyd

Finance Director

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Victoria Breeze

Victoria Breeze

Finance Director

Victoria has worked in Finance for over 20 years, having served the last 10 of those as a Commercial CFO/FD.Victoria... Read More

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