Damien Dsouza

Damien D’souza


IT/Operations Director

Damien has 30+ years in senior CIO, COO and Commercial Director roles. His unique mix of senior management experience for companies like IBM, Nokia and Telecom enables Damien to help companies differentiate themselves by creating unique value propositions. Damien is a business and technology transformation leader across digital platforms, technology businesses, and media channels.

Some of Damien’s biggest achievements include:

  • Creating and directing the development, launch, and growth of the world’s first global mobile Appstore. Grew revenues to €100m, launched in over 80 countries.
  • Programme and Commercial Director – Pioneering Mobile Money Solution for the unbanked on behalf of UK and Nigerian Governments, deployed service in Nigeria. Now servicing over 25m users.
  • Directing and delivering pioneering merchant banking secure software platform on 3 continents, for merchant banking services, and raising £30m in growth funding.

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